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Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Hong Kong

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What is the Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry in Hong Kong

The hospitality and tourism industry plays a major role in Hong Kong’s economy, contributing to its growth. This sector is strongly associated with the service-sector which makes up over 90% of this citys GDP as well as employment figures. Tourism also contributes significantly to economic development through taxation revenues, infrastructure projects and job creation. Tourism contributed around 7% of Hong Kong’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) along with 17% towards gross fixed capital formation in 2013 according to World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). Apart from creating jobs directly or indirectly for almost 10 percent of people employed by all sectors in the same year; it supports indirect businesses such hotels chains, travel agencies etc., transportation services like ferries/trains connecting mainland China and air carriers that offer competitive fares across international routes are few among many other flourishing industries due creditable support offered by thriving tourism industry here. The overseas arrivals were recorded at 54 million during 2014 making website “DiscoverHongKong” claim about a one third increase since 2009 putting focus on popularity enjoyed by destination amongst fans away their shores Consequently income generated outbound passengers was estimated US $ 25 billion rises 2 4 % compared previous . Information Communication Technology ICT has been implemented usefully promote variety delightful products available tourists visiting while technology helps travelers locate nearby places they can frequent aiding business prospects operators offering these facilities using mobile apps hotel bookings tools various transport related applications city attractions discovery thus enabling unrestricted access knowledge required make informed decisions experience most pleasant stay possible proving key success propelling future progress region top tourist location universe Hospitality is an important part of any successful traveler journey so much scope exists exploit given right environment conditions provided Therefore government officials regulating affairs taken initiatives develop quality accommodations establishments established player marketplace ranging 5 Star Hotels Luxury Residences Home stays Bed Breakfasts Boutique Suites providing accommodation types every budget tastes encouraging increased spending adding significance already impressive revenue generation niche domain Moreover partnership between aviation authorities direct flights incorporated plethora destinations improved connectivity visitiors further stimulate advancement potential boundless Having world class airports HKIA HKCAA facilitate seamless transfer transition foreign embassies offices backed efficient friendly visa assistance provides added assurance relaxing time bestowed upon visitors allowing them enjoy magnificence natural aesthetic beauty terrace accompanied captivating modern vibes mustered metropolitan metropolis addition high end restaurants local canteens serve dishes unique flavors diverse cultures fusioned together cuisines bazarre multicultural mingle cup tea vistas become even more appealing visual appeal mesmerizing views skyline sumptuous food warm welcomes drinks blend blissful vibe pulsating nightlife options afford ultimate pleasure seeking purposes luxurious guaranteed enchanting holiday overall

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Hong Kong

What is the role & importance of the Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry Associations in Hong Kong

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry Associations in Hong Kong play a key role in the citys economy. These associations represent hotels, restaurants, travel agents, tour operators and other hospitality related businesses. Through their collective efforts they promote business development opportunities to further enhance the economic growth of Hong Kong’s tourism industry by encouraging greater investment into hotel projects while improving customer service standards throughout all sectors of this dynamic well established sector These organizations facilitate communication between stakeholders within each particular discipline which encourages best practice sharing across both private companies as well as government departments involved with setting policy for these services industries. This helps to ensure that quotas are kept up-to-date so that adequate resources are available without compromising on quality assurance initiatives or environmental protection measures etc… Furthermore; through coordinated activities these groups help attract more visitors from overseas countries who come to holiday or conduct conferences/conventions thus helping create jobs & inject extra capital back into local economies via spending habits associated with tourists visiting certain destinations . Events such as Gastronomy Festivals often take place during peak months where guests can sample traditional dishes combined alongside audio visual presentations depicting how cuisine has evolved over time promoting cultural awareness ei: what is unique about famous recipes found only inside of specific regions worldwide? The Association also assist members comply with legal regulations concerning fire safety equipment installations (SAR), hygiene protocols applicable under Food Safety Law whilst providing advice regarding background checks required when employing staff members whose job approval rests upon obtaining valid working permits issued directly from Immigration Dept before commencing any official duties i:e satisfactory entry points must be met first prior applying work visas otherwise applicants simply pushing themselves onto company payroll illegally rendered void if discovered later down line exposing foreign employees vying attain citizenship status possibly facing repatriation

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Hong Kong

What are the benefits of joining a Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry Association in Hong Kong

Professional Networking: Joining a hospitality and tourism association in Hong Kong can help members to establish meaningful professional networks with other leaders of the sector, leading to better business opportunities, improved services standards and enriched skillset mastery. Apart from that, many associations also offer learning sessions or workshops for their members which enable them to enhance their knowledge base related to different areas such as marketing & sales development strategies or new trends within the industry at large. 2. Education Opportunities : Membership in an association provides access to educational resources including seminars on current topics relevant for those working within this field like food safety protocols etc., certificates programmes , leadership trainings etc . Being involved ensures exposure not only be updated about the latest news but more importantly gain expertise needed by professionals today who are constantly required keep upskilling themselves through formal certifications/accreditations tailored specifically according his/her job scopes so as win customers’ confidence thereby obtaining competitive advantage over rival operators . 3 Access To Relevant Data And Information : Members belonging any organizations tend acquire invaluable insights from data collected via The Hotels Association of Hong Kong (HAHK) Annual Statistical Report – Regularly released information regarding pricing analysis market share occupancy rate revenue per Available Room( RevPAR ) Average Daily Rate performance hotel classification ratings comparison between countries various projects when compared against regions worldwide Thus allows industry players adjust focus align activities accordingly realize full potential traveler demands helping maximize profitability levels attain long-term success favors all stakeholders concerned investment returns terms objectives 4 Representation At Government level - Associations have high lobbying power utilizing it they effectively lobby government authorities make changes laws regulations governing trade ensure same “growth stimulating policies beneficial Hotel Industry HK This done challenging existing mechanisms proposing reform methods necessary promote continued growth particular segment initiatives employed benefit both public private sectors alike

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Hong Kong

What are the current work opportunities in the Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry in Hong Kong

Self-Employed/Freelancer: There is a growing trend for self-employment in the hospitality and tourism industry in Hong Kong, particularly with those looking to dip their toe into these areas without committing long term. Options range from event planners or freelance tour guides all the way through to starting up an online travel blog or catering business - making use of one’s own skillset as well as exploring new territory can be incredibly rewarding! 2. General Job Market: More traditional job roles exist within this sector also, such as hotel managers, kitchen staff and waiters at restaurants & Cafes; tour agents who will arrange trips both domestically & abroad; cruise ship crew members (particularly during peak holiday seasons); receptionists working at individual attractions – there really are many opportunities out there if you look hard enough! 3) Volunteering Opportunities: Lastly we have volunteer options which help users gain valuable experience whilst helping others by interacting directly with customers on numerous levels being that they provide invaluable services when needed most e.g.: Helping elderly people visit tourist sights around town; providing extra guidance /information throughout public transport networks

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Hong Kong